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Foreign Language Placement Exam (YDS) is an language exam administered by ÖSYM. This exam is held twice a year, in the spring and autumn terms. Our YDS preparation program is 96 hours in total. It lasts for 4 weeks, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. You can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Cambridge Academy to achieve success in the YDS exam.

If you want to work in academic staff, work as a researcher or a lecturer at a university, start one step ahead in the job market, study master, take the Specialization in Medicine (TUS) and Dentistry exam (DUS), work in the public and private sector or in multinational institutions or if you want to benefit from language compensation, the YDS exam preparation program is designed for you.

  • You will reach the YDS score you aim for.
  • You will develop all your core English skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
  • You will expand your English grammar and vocabulary.
  • You will receive useful and practical advice on your progress.
  • Each student will receive a personal training each week to examine their individual needs and development.
  • You will receive a comprehensive end-of-course progress report and a certificate in English.