Business English


Our general business English education program includes teaching English at a level that enables the employees of institutions and organizations operating in various fields in the business world to communicate more effectively with their colleagues in different countries and to carry their activities to the international level.

The opportunity of professionals who could not have time for long-term foreign language courses due to their intensive work and lifestyle, who had studied English in the past but did not have the opportunity to practice, and who wanted full competence in business English, to improve their language skills and social communication required by business life. presents.

Our training program has been prepared by considering the needs of individuals operating in the business world in business life, and is focused on topics such as mastering professional terms, business meetings and travels, communicating effectively, writing business letters and e-mails, and making conferences and presentations.






The increasingly international dimension of legal relations has made English the primary language in the field of law, as in every field. Words, punctuations and intonations can have different consequences in legal practices that have their own language and terms. This situation has revealed the need for legal practitioners in many fields to improve themselves in the field of legal English.

Our training program designed for lawyers, judges, prosecutors, clerks, law students, legal clients, mediators and those who want to specialize in this field. It is effective and practical to use English legal terminology, general English legal practice, legal writing and speaking language. aims to teach the way.

Our training process is enriched with many materials and active practices, and is carried out with legal practices and extensive terminology content. At the end of the training, participants become able to effectively apply the English language of law.





It creates the content of medical English programs specially prepared for doctors, medical students and other professionals working in the health sector, such as reporting, conference and presentation techniques, identification of symptons and dialogue with the patient. The course also provides a general medical vocabulary related to parts and functions of the body, medical and paramedical education and research. Medical English programs, which aim the participant to learn and develop the terminology related to his profession, also allow him to exchange ideas with colleagues from different countries.


Why should you study Medical English?

English is the main research language in the world in the medical field.

Medical students are required to pass the English exams as a requirement of their fields.

Medical doctorate and master students and professionals travel to countries whose native language is English to practice English and sometimes work in those countries.

Doctors are expected to receive 7.0 in the IELTS academic exam in many medical registries and boards to qualify as specialists.

It is the basic key for healthcare professionals to communicate with their foreign patients.




Our program, specially designed for those who study in the tourism department, work in this sector and aim to develop themselves in this field, allows our trainees to add a different vision to their career planning. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences in their work life in tourism / business lessons, so that different topics will be created during the program based on students’ experiences and needs. Throughout the program, topics, textbooks, newspaper articles, videos, etc. is enriched with materials and processed. The vocabulary required for tourism is developed and its grammatical structure is studied intensively throughout the course. In addition, the participant is trained on how to use his knowledge of his profession in both seminars, group meetings or various presentations.


The program includes:

  • Request forms and reservation
  • Reception
  • Hotel Service
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Environmental Tours
  • Complaints
  • Depart
  • Tour Operation – Contacts
  • Tour Operation – Planning
  • Discussion
  • Revision



Engineering English specially prepared for engineers, engineering faculty students, and other professionals with an academic career plan in this field, offers education and research opportunities while teaching the participant’s profession, reporting, conference and presentation techniques. The course also aims for the participant to learn and develop the terminology related to his profession.


Why Should You Study Engineering English?

Doctorate and master students and professionals in the field of engineering travel to countries whose native language is English to practice English and sometimes work in those countries.

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