Education System

Bringing the standards of education abroad to Turkey, Cambridge Academy serves anyone who wants to learn English in the central locations of Istanbul (Şişli, and Başakşehir) with its expert foreign teaching staff, training centers equipped with technology, international student groups, and activities that help you practice.

With the awareness that the golden rule of language learning is to practice as much as possible, Cambridge Academy offers its students an intensive and interactive training program where they can practice at different levels. We offer programs such as 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, and 1 hour of activities. Thanks to its intensive and active education structure, Cambridge Academy ensures that the student successfully completes the course at the end of a four-week training period.  Our institution offers four different education programs: Weekday Morning (intensive), Weekday afternoon (intensive), Weekday evening, and Weekend morning.

Cambridge Academy adopts a multi-dimensional education system that meets the educational needs of students to learn English quickly and to use it effectively.

Our institution, which provides personal, corporate, and exam-oriented training, is waiting for you with its successful, experienced, and expert instructors.

Cambridge Academy offers its students a comfortable and safe environment.
It enables them to learn English by receiving qualified education.