Online One-to-One Lessons

Online private English classes are a perfect option for you if you have very little time or very unique English language learning needs. Our private English classes online are personalized to your needs, so your lessons are fully customized. For specific purposes, classes may cover general, academic or business English, as well as English. Getting your own personal tutor ensures that the specific areas that you want to focus on can be defined and improved. One-to-One English Lessons allow you to learn with full immersion in the English language at the pace that is best for you.

Most students who prefer individual English lessons instead of group classes want to work in English on specific issues. One-to-one lessons are for individuals who want a course that is customized or personally tailored.

Maybe you need help to understand a difficult grammar point, to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary or practice a particular skill such as listening or written comprehension.

Not only does one-to-one English training help you easily master the particular skills you like, timetables are also flexible and it is possible to schedule lessons to work with you and your busy life. It’s just you and your instructor, so you can gain more trust in your ability to communicate and communicating is easier. Your tutor will be able to give you full attention and correct any errors in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. One-to-one lessons encourage the instructor to focus more on your individual errors and customize the course, incorporating more drills and practice in areas you need to strengthen.

A comprehensive end-of-course progress report and a school English certificate will be issued to all students.