Online General English

  • Course Start:
    Every Month
  • Number of students
    Max 12
  • Age

Our General English courses consist of 6 levels, with each level lasting 2 months. Following our Free Placement Test, we allow students to join the level most appropriate for them.

This online General English course is delivered in small groups, a maximum of 12 students. Classes are designed to get students to engage and practice meaningful communication skills that are useful in everyday situations. Our online classes will help students’ confidence and fluency when speaking and listening as well as improving their reading and writing skills.

Students will also be given additional work that they can use to self-study outside of class hours. Cambridge Academy teachers will correct all work and give weekly personalised feedback to maximise learning.

This English language course is intended for people who wish to develop their general English skills in daily life. We focus on improving student confidence, communication skills, growing vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension. Students will gain trust as their English communication skills grow rapidly.

  • Gain confidence to speak fluently and take part in live conversations in English
  • Boost your listening skills with your qualified English teacher and classmates.
  • Use English more effectively in a diverse and meaningful range of situations and subjects.
  • Improve your cultural understanding that will make it easier for you to communicate
  • Meet new people from other countries and build an English community where you can practice English and improve your fluency at home.
  • Students will receive a personal tutorial every 8 weeks to address the needs and development of individual students.
  • Personal feedback and correction, helping you to focus where you need to.
  • Detailed progress report and English certificate at the end of each month