Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many levels does your education system consist of?

Our education system consists of 6 levels, 12 levels from the beginning.

2) How long can I learn English?

Although the duration of learning English varies according to the English level of the people, for a beginner student, an education of at least 8 months is sufficient for speaking, writing, listening and reading well.

3) Do you organize activities or speaking classes?

Along with the games, excursions and cinema activities we organize inside or outside the course, our speaking and writing lessons are given in addition to the daily lessons for 4 days a week.

4) Is there any obligation to attend classes?

The student must attend at least 80% of the courses in order to be successful in the course.

5) What should I do if I miss my class or exam?

If the student is unable to attend the course or the exam by declaring a valid excuse, the student is charged a small additional fee for the exam or course, and if there is no valid excuse, the cost of the additional course or exam fee may vary.

6) Do you organize the lessons with Turkish Teachers or Foreign Teachers?

At Cambridge Academy, all classes are held only with foreign teachers and the language of instruction is only in English.

7) Why do you give training every weekday?

We are aware that repeating what they have learned every day and regularly being exposed to English during the learning phase of a language makes learning easier and the intensive education program increases the success rate of the student at the end of the course. We help them get rid of their worries in a short time by providing training every day during the week with our speaking activities and various educational materials.

8) Why do you teach only with foreign teachers?

In Cambridge Academy education system, we are only offering training with foreign teachers because the world you can get abroad to benimsiyoruz.siz an education system in the standard language of sunuyoruz.öğrenc the possibility of receiving the teaching of English in Turkey, teacher and student communication in classes to learn the correct accent and professional training system in English only we provide.

9) Who are your student groups?

Our student groups include students from all countries, so students use only the common language English when communicating with each other.

10) Do you provide academic education?

As Cambridge Academy, we provide academic, classroom and private lessons for IELTS and TOEFL exams with our Foreign Teachers.

11) Is your education only grammatical?

We do not only provide grammar (grammar) based education. Our education programs are given equal knowledge of speaking, writing, reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar.

12) Why should I choose Cambridge Academy?

The Cambridge Academy education system provides education at the educational standards abroad and ensures that the student completes his language education professionally by following his progress step by step from the beginning. It is the address of reliable and quality education.

13) What are the features that distinguish you from other institutions?

The most important feature that distinguishes us from other institutions is that we only work with Foreign Teachers. We are the only institution that provides only English education with our international mixed student groups. However, as Cambridge Academy, we provide free exams and trial lessons to every student who comes to our institution to study, we share our reliability with you and offer you the training you will receive before purchasing.

14) How many exchange rates does a level consist of?

One level consists of two levels. The enrolled student completes one level in at least a total of two months.

15) Do you take students' ideas and suggestions into consideration?

As Cambridge Academy, we produce innovative solutions by following complaints, requests and suggestions for the satisfaction of our students.

16) Can I freeze registration?

If the student wants to freeze the registration after purchasing the course, we can freeze his registration if he informs us before the class is opened.

17) What should I do if my classroom does not open?

At least 5 people must be enrolled in order to open a class. The student is informed about whether the class will be opened and if he wants to wait for a while, he can wait until the class is opened. If the payment is made in case the class is not opened, the student has the right to withdraw and the money paid is returned to him.

18) Can I cancel the training I purchased?

If the purchased training is given a valid excuse, the fee can be canceled and refunded before the lesson starts.

19) What if I am not satisfied with the education?

In case you are not satisfied with the training, we take care of you closely in order to investigate the causes and find solutions.

20) How can I make my payments?

You can make your payments by cash, eft / remittance debit or credit card. We have the opportunity to pay in installments to the Garanti bank card.