2 Must-Watch TEDx Talks. Less than 20 minutes each.

In less than 20 minutes each, these three TEDx Talks explore topics like chronic exhaustion,  inability to set clear boundaries, and emotional intelligence, among others.

Good Boundaries Free You (15:54)

What is balance? How can we improve our self-care? In this TEDx Talk, therapist and author Sarri Gilman talks about ways to set boundaries that help create more balance in your life while improving your self-care routine.

“Your story is being shaped by what you are saying ‘yes’ to and what you are saying ‘no’ to,” says Gilman, who recalls times in her life when she was answering phone calls from work seven days a week or ignoring the signs that she was experiencing compassion fatigue. This all came to a head when she found herself crying hysterically under the cover of darkness in a movie theater. “I broke,” she says. “Something inside was trying to reach me.”

How to Draw to Remember More (16:48)

Looking for a way to make the information you teach more memorable? Grab a pen and paper as author Graham Shaw leads you through a simple exercise to demonstrate the power of drawing and its impact on memory. Drawing can work better than traditional note-taking because it allows the brain to process new information in a variety of different ways, says Shaw.

The key to utilizing drawing as a memory-boosting tool, he explains, is to create a lasting impression by linking the pictures you draw to a meaning. Shaw suggests trying to “think in pictures.” For example, the word “innovation” might invoke the image of a spark or a light bulb, while a sketch of a tree might represent life, growth, or stability.

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