Best Places to Work and Study in Istanbul

In a city famous for its coffee culture, one thing is for sure; there is no shortage of cafes in Istanbul. Everywhere you turn you are almost guaranteed to find a place to sit and enjoy your coffee and read a book. But it is also very important to find quiet places to study and co-work. Click on the names of the venues to access their websites.

SALT Galata

Salt Galata is a multi-purposed museum that hosts exhibitions, conferences, performances, movie screenings and workshops.This building is rich with stories and histories as it is a former bank building now transformed and changed into a hub for academics, students, and the like. It is located in the Karakoy neighborhood of Beyoglu, Istanbul.

IDEA Kadıköy

This study and co-working spot offers a pleasant sea view and accommodates students and nomad workers alike. IDEA offers a study area, co-working area (paid), cafe, outdoor seating area, and many other facilities that can be used by students to co-work and study together.

Minoa Cafe

Minoa is an independent bookstore with its beautiful interior operating in Beşiktaş Akaretler since 2014. There is also a cafe-brasserie section with tall bookcases and relaxing atmosphere and with a capacity of 80 guests.


When you step inside you will find yourself surrounded by books. With the aim of bringing the arts and youth together, The NevMekan is more than just a hip new café. The unique design and open space offers a perfect place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while flipping through the pages of your favorite book, study with friends or just relax. NevMekan is located in Üsküdar’s Bağlarbaşı neighborhood.


Iskele Design Platform is a public area that allows gathering, learning and producing with interdisciplinary design approaches. It has two separate halls; a library and a co-working, discussing area. In the library you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere, focus on your work, studying or just reading. You can also find here many interesting books about design. Iskele is located in Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar.

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